Mango Salsa – Yum!

This site would NOT be complete without a blog post devoted entirely to the ever-tasty mango salsa.  Oh the love’s gonna start pouring in because, frankly, mango salsa is good with just about anything.  I love it with pork.  Other folks love with fish or beef.  It’s alllllll good.

But…some of us are in a hurry, and we can’t fathom the idea of the chopping and cutting necessary to make a decent salsa.  No problem.  Mango Maven’s got your back.  I mentioned in my “Ode to Trader Joe’s” post that they sell a delicious mango and papaya salsa.  And how lucky are we that Costco sells a really tasty one too – I think with peach, not papaya.  Both are really, really good offerings.  In each store, you’ll find the salsas in the fresh, refrigerated goods section.   I’m happy to add other fresh salsas here from other markets too.  Just let me know what else is out there!

For those of you that would like to chop and cut your way to making your own mango salsa, here are three top drawer resources, each a little different:


Costco Guy Needs Mango Education!

Oh boy….  Them’s were fightin’ words!

Lemme tell y’all ’bout that sad, shameful day…

I was just leaving Costco – minding my own mango business.  As it was, I had two tubs of FAGE Greek yogurt and a case of Kent mangoes in my cart (plus a few other things.)  The Costco guy was standing there checking my receipt against the contents of my basket (like someone always does at Costco) and bam!  He hit me!  Okay, so perhaps not literally, but it was a blow nevertheless!

The guy looks at my tubs of FAGE yogurt *which were right next to the blasted mangoes* and says that I need to get some fruit with that yogurt.  Say what????  I immediately pointed out and defended my innocent, beautiful fruit.  “Mangoes, I’ve got mangoes!” I said.  He looked at me trying to be friendly (but not succeeding, not even one bit) and said he meant something “sweet.”  I’m sorry, but what kind of dumb*ss comment was that?

My feeling is, if you don’t know about mangoes, then don’t go around talking dirty about them.  It’s like Momma always said…if ya can’t say ‘nothin nice…It’s a good thing I really love Costco or…..I just mighta had ta pick a fight!

Seriously, though.  This *IS * the problem.  A lot of people just don’t know about mangoes.

Blog, on.  Blog on…

Costco Gets Mango Labeling Just Right!!!

In an earlier post, I praised Whole Foods for an instance of superb mango labeling;  now I must also give similar praise to Costco!

As a quick backgrounder on the issue, I am an advocate of more thorough labeling of mangoes in supermarkets.  This is because:   1)  There is a great difference in taste and quality between different varieties of mangoes and 2)  Some mango varieties can be difficult to discern from one another.  Essentially, many consumers have a hard time selecting a good mango.

In a perfect mango world, the stickers on mangoes would indicate the VARIETY.  That way, consumers would merely have to learn the name of the tasty varieties and then when at the supermarket, avoid the rest.  In most of the stores I visit, mango labeling is not helpful to buyers.

So today, Costco gets its own set of labeling points.  Here’s what went down at my location.   Costco received a rather large shipment of mangoes and was selling them by the box, which is a typical arrangement for many of the fruits they carry.  The mangoes themselves contained standard labeling BUT the box labeling couldn’t have been better! Look! Full disclosure: Kent Mangoes! Superb all around! The vast majority of the shipment contained Kent mangoes, a variety of which I greatly approve! A smaller portion of the shipment contained Tommy Atkins mangoes, of which I DON’T approve. (Unfortunately, I’ve yet to see a big food retailer that doesn’t, at some point, offer Tommy mangoes.) The trick as a consumer is to AVOID them!

When you visit your Costco and see fantastic mango labeling such as this, tell the manager!  Pass on the mango labeling love!!  Great job Costco — and if I have my way, retailers will eventually stop carrying Tommy Atkins mangoes. Bleck! 🙂

To read further about mango varieties, see this series: