Ode to Trader Joe’s

One thing is certain.  *Somebody* at Trader Joe’s pays attention to mangoes.  They are a small format store, and I truly appreciate just how many mango products they offer.

Take a look at this awesome sample:


And these yummies are just a start.   Now.  I don’t work for Trader Joe’s or accept bribes or anything else from them.   Regardless, let me be a blogging fool and Trader Joe’s tool and tell all of you fellow mango fiends out there that they sell Apricot Mango Greek Yogurt (my favorite flavored yogurt of all time), Papaya Mango Fresh Salsa (soooo good with pork tenderloin), Mango Black Tea, and even Honey Mango Shaving Cream (yes, it smells as good as it sounds) – all under its own brand.  This is a *very impressive* mango effort.  I’ve probably missed some products too, but I think you get the idea:   Trader Joe’s is a mango-friendly kind of place.  If you have a Trader Joe’s store near your home, check them out.  Their mango products deserve your business!

On the fresh mango front, the results are admittedly mixed.  I’ve seen the dreaded Tommy Atkins mangoes (see my blog on THAT topic) but I’ve also seen delicious Kents.  Like always, I encourage you to speak to the produce folks.  Tell them you want buttery, smooth-fleshed fresh mangoes, not the stringy kind with bland flavor!

Costco Guy Needs Mango Education!

Oh boy….  Them’s were fightin’ words!

Lemme tell y’all ’bout that sad, shameful day…

I was just leaving Costco – minding my own mango business.  As it was, I had two tubs of FAGE Greek yogurt and a case of Kent mangoes in my cart (plus a few other things.)  The Costco guy was standing there checking my receipt against the contents of my basket (like someone always does at Costco) and bam!  He hit me!  Okay, so perhaps not literally, but it was a blow nevertheless!

The guy looks at my tubs of FAGE yogurt *which were right next to the blasted mangoes* and says that I need to get some fruit with that yogurt.  Say what????  I immediately pointed out and defended my innocent, beautiful fruit.  “Mangoes, I’ve got mangoes!” I said.  He looked at me trying to be friendly (but not succeeding, not even one bit) and said he meant something “sweet.”  I’m sorry, but what kind of dumb*ss comment was that?

My feeling is, if you don’t know about mangoes, then don’t go around talking dirty about them.  It’s like Momma always said…if ya can’t say ‘nothin nice…It’s a good thing I really love Costco or…..I just mighta had ta pick a fight!

Seriously, though.  This *IS * the problem.  A lot of people just don’t know about mangoes.

Blog, on.  Blog on…