ANY fruit that’s not a mango is CLEARLY not on my Most Favored Fruit List. But what’s a mango gal to do when folks ask about more fruit buying choices? I’ll tell you. She digs in and finds some choices for her readers. Here’s a quick summary of some cool finds:

Brought to you by the same folks that launched Red Envelope, Cherry Moon Farms has a great selection of fruit & gift baskets, including an organic monthly fruit club option.

Now, I don’t want to be unfaithful to my bestest buddies, the mangoes, but there is something that Cherry Moon Farms has, that is, in fact, pretty darned spectacular. Can you say, “12 months of dipped strawberries?” GASP!! I know, right??? From their homepage, click on “Fresh Fruit” and then “Monthly Fruit Clubs” and there you’ll see them. OMG. I don’t know if the below coupon link will work on the strawberries, but do try it!!! (they have a lot of other fruit club options too, but the strawberries seemed like an *extra special* choice.) If your sweetie loves strawberries, this might be the way to make him or her really, really, really, really happy!

If you’re into citrus, there is a clear winner and it’s Hale Groves. Yes, they offer other items, but citrus is their main game – so much so that they actually have a citrus calendar on their site that details the availability of 11 varieties of citrus.

The OTHER indulgence where Hale Groves is THE clear winner is Sweet Georgia Peaches! We’re talking multiple 5 star reviews! I can’t link directly to them, but when you get to the homepage, enter “peaches” in the search field on the upper right of the homepage and you’ll find them right away. Use the below code at checkout for some nice savings. Can you say peaches and cream? Or peaches and vanilla ice cream? Salivating yet? I AM.

Now that I think about it, my *Dad* is a peaches *FIEND* and Hale Groves’ Sweet Georgia Peaches are what he’s getting for Father’s Day. Done & Decided!

The folks at Pittman & Davis have been in business since 1926 and are a very reliable vendor and have highly positive commentary of their Facebook page regarding topics like Ruby Red Grapefruit icon& their responsive customer service. The truth is, their website isn’t quite as flashy/beautiful as some of the others, but when you dig around you find some excellent offerings, like Tuscan Cantelope. They are also very dear to my heart because they are one of the vendors where you can order *just mangoes*… 🙂

Bottom line: Don’t let the drab 70’s yellow on the site turn you away. The folks at Pittman are the real deal and they have some of the more reasonable prices.

Next up is Golden State Fruit. You gotta know I love these folks because they are not only based in California, like I am, BUT they are located in the Northern Sacramento valley, just a little bit of a drive from where I grew up as a kid. They offer big, beautiful boxes of fruit – all named after California cities & regions. They too have an organic option, of which I highly approve – and they offer a smaller box option for singles/couples. So if it’s just you at home – or you and a special someone, you might try Golden State Fruit’s Lite option. De Lite Fruit Club

Also worthy of mention is that Golden State Fruit offers one of the nicest sympathy basketsicon. I know it sounds (and probably is) trivial but I really like that they’ve gone to the trouble of sourcing a sympathy ribbon for the basket. A NICE touch that other choices don’t have.

And finally, I know the banner below is for Mother’s Day but I *think* the code will work even though we’re past the holiday. Please let me know if it doesn’t work.

All right, if you really want to go hog wild and and get monthly fruit or perhaps some beer, wine, flowers, cigars, pizza, coffee or chocolate try the Clubs of America, where they’ve got it all! Truthfully, the whole idea of it rubs my fruit sensibilities the wrong way, but I do realize that fruit clubs sometimes offer more than just fruit. Sigh…SO, if want a little variety, use the link below to check out the selection. If you want a 6 month subscription, put “discount1” in the coupon code box at checkout and watch $10 fly off your bill. Coupon Code: Discount1

Harry, Harry, Harry. (and David!) Everyone knows Harry and his friend, David. They deliver happiness!

And I tell you what. I have a Harry addiction. Let me confess openly what it is right now: Royal Riviera Pears. Every year I INDULGE. My account with Harry & David goes back YEARS… Every penny I have EVER spent on Royal Rivera Pears has been absolutely worth it. I whole-heartedly recommend you indulge as well!! Click through & try these offers – use them for Royal Rivera Pears – or any other of their delicious treats!